Thursday, 10 September 2015

Our Glenbrae School Duffy Role Model Assembly

Today we had our Duffy Role Model assembly in our school hall.Our Duffy role model was Myron Simpson and he won a silver medal at the 2007 Junior World Championship in Mexico.

Myron Simpson is a professional road cyclist and track cyclist.He started cycling at the age of 3 because he wanted to be like his older brothers because they were Bmx Riders.

In 2013 Myron Simpson was injured in one of his races so they forced him to come back to New Zealand and he had an injury in his shoulder.

His team was Australian team named Team Budget Forklift and his other team was Team Differdange-Losch he has been in over 1000 races in all his years of racing.

He came fourth placing in the 1000m time trial at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi. Myron switched to road cycling. He even has his own breakfast cereal named Myron’s Muesli.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Luck Was On My SIde

                            Luck Was On My Side
It was Saturday morning when Tom,Jayden,David and Lee got ready for their basketball tournament, it was called the Run and Gun challenge held at the ASB Stadium.They soon got ready to play putting on their gear.

Later they jumped in the car and drove.Next they arrived at the ASB stadium, they walked inside the ASB cafeteria noticing, cupcakes,sausages,cake slices and drinks for sale, they all had a brought a sausage, as just before arriving into the stadium.

First they versed  Lady Hawks and won beating them of a score of 25-22.There next game was at 11:45 so they had some food to eat that were on sale and brought some drinks for them.

It was 11:45 as we got ready, Tom was so excited because he said he knows  they're going to win, to our satisfaction, we won with a score of 56-49. They made it into the semi finals now veursing Otahu Tigers.It was a hard game, shot to shot but they finally won 5-4.

After that they went to the food stand and brought some pies and Coca-Cola's
so that they will get their energy back once they veurs Tamaiki Tornadoes.
12:00 It was time for the final game It was so intense. David shouts “i sprained my ankle” and it was just half time.

It healed so the David could jump on and they won.They all got a medal and trophy they all went home happy.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Asthma Show

Today in the morning our school had a show about asthma. The person who was hosting the show his name was Chris and he was talking about what happens when we get asthma.First He was talking about our lungs and what happens when you get asthma.

Monday, 18 May 2015

The Sod Turning

Hello! My name is Fraser and I am going to tell you about the special event that occurred at my school.

Today we had a sod turning event at Glenbrae School. Nick Smith who is the Minister of both Housing and Conservation and Len Brown, the Mayor of Auckland was there to to do the sod turning with Nick Smith and Matua Jim.

First we had sausages and juice to drink.Then Hannah volunteered to do a samoan dance to entertain the adults and the parents who came to our school even our guests.

After the bell rang, we had to go inside and put our bags away.Then we had to line up and go back down into hall and we had to sing, ‘Etasi Alasi.:were singing loud and then we had to sit down

Matua did a speech and we all clapped at the end of his speech.After Matua Jim was Mr Afi Bono’s grandpa he did a speech in Niuean. It was long.

When we finished our Powhiri we went outside and lined up in a semicircle then Matua Jim blessed the land.Then they started the sod turning.After the sod turning everyone went and high fived Len Brown.

Lastly the bell went and we had to go back to class. It was fun at the sod turning and when we were singing.

The End

How to kepp Clean During Winter

  • Clean our hands after using the toilet .
  • Have a shower everyday to keep yourself clean.

  • Keep your hair neat and clean by brushing it and combine it.
  • Cover your hand when cough and sneeze.
  • Wash your hands after eating food before and after.
  • put spray on us you might get Body Odour.
  • Check your hair everyday to make sure you don’t have nits

Monday, 30 March 2015

Bio Poem about Edward Jenner

Edward Jenner


Son of a loving and caring mother and father.

Lover of caring for people,Health,Lover of  nature and who lived on a farm.

Who has  experienced Love, who has experienced living with one parent and who has experienced trying to cure disease that can kill people.

Fears of dying from small pox disease, fears of not curing the disease and letting spread and who fears racism and burglars.

Who has cured the small pox disease in 1980.

Who would of wanted to see his father again or who would of wanted the small pox disease not to happen.

Who was brought up in Berkeley in England.

Who's last name was Jenner

Friday, 5 December 2014

How Old Are You

Today I was researching on how old is everyone in the class. 
I found out that there was 15 ten years old 9 nine years old and 2 eleven years old students in our class.